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    Buy gold bars with bitcoin

    As much as the crypto bros on twitter and of course the wall street bet guys on other social media would have you believe, the crypto market is not doing so hot after all. In fact, at the time of writing this article, the market of digital currencies is undergoing a prolonged and devastating bearish trend. And as it just happens, there doesn’t seem to be an end to this bear market in any near future. So what is the solution in this situation? Perhaps it is time for you to exchange your volatile assets with something a little more stable. For instance, you can buy gold with Bitcoins in UK, and you can even buy gold with Bitcoins in Canada; in fact, no matter where you are, you can exchange an asset that is performing worse than most avid crypto lovers predicted; of course, Bitcoin. So, if you ever thought to yourself in those moments of disappointment in the market, can I buy gold with Bitcoins, you now have your answer. Therefore, it is indeed a real possibility to get rid of your volatile assets once and for all. Now the question you should be asking is where to buy gold with Bitcoin. Enter, Real001. We provide a smooth and facilitated process for you to be able to purchase this and other precious metals with digital currencies, including BTC. But the real inquiry should be with regard to how to buy gold with Bitcoin. In the straightforward platform of Real001 you will have a chance to purchase various sizes of gold depending upon your budget.

    Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Payments

    Buy gold for btc

    So far, we have answered some hot topic questions. But now it is time to objectively go through the advantages and disadvantages of payments with Bitcoin. Of course, as with any other payment method, this type of payment comes with upsides and downsides. In fact, the very idea behind Bitcoin was to facilitate payments, but whether it has been able to achieve that goal is certainly up for discussion. But one thing is for sure, payment in Bitcoins in order to purchase stable and conventional assets such as precious metals and among them gold would be a rock solid idea. Of course, as mentioned above, Real001 has provided an unprecedented opportunity for users to be able to purchase various extremely valuable assets and pay with digital currencies. Real001 accepts Bitcoins payment, but why should you do it? Perhaps the biggest advantage of Bitcoin method of payment is the exchange process itself. Through this exchange, you will pay with BTC, a currency for which many experts are forecasting much darker days in the future. No one knows what will happen, but the predictions are predominantly negative. However, with the help of Real001 Bitcoin payment process, you will be able to obtain gold, a solid asset that has been valuable for as long as history of man.

    Make the smart decision today and buy gold bars for Bitcoin on the Real001 website right now to save your assets from further decline.

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