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Paper money is based on trust and the clever actions of central banks, which increase and maintain this trust. As we all know, trust is not only an extremely valuable, but unfortunately also a volatile notion. When economic prospects deteriorate in the long term and governments have run out of steam, it is therefore worth thinking in terms of other values.

Gold is in great demand. It is noble and enduring. And it is rare, it cannot be reprinted at will like banknotes. As such, gold offers all the requirements that a long-term investment should bring.

In this way, gold bars have become synonymous with the highest level of durability. They survived wars as well as various social systems and represent considerable value even today as they did then. They are the substance that remains.


About Gold

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Gold has been used as a means of storing and transferring value around the world for over 3,000 years. As the only currency that has survived since then, gold was able to defy all crises, and it is not affected by inflationary monetary policy and cannot be reproduced at will. Gold defines its own worth.

The oldest documented findings of gold as jewelry (4,600 BC) impressively proves that gold has exerted an unbroken fascination on us humans since the beginning of the earliest civilizations. Even now, gold has not lost even a bit of its fascination with its incomparable shine, its impressive weight and its unexpected warm feeling to the touch.

For decades, gold has developed into an indispensable raw material in modern society: mobile communications, computer technology, space travel, medicine - the areas of life that are most important to modern people depend on the precious metal gold. And since even the most advanced of all technologies - nanotechnology - cannot do without this material, the future will inevitably be shaped by gold.