Conditions of Use

Buying guide:

Todays, in the modern world, Internet shopping is very unique due to:
Global access to goods and services, the availability of more information about products, the
ability to compare products with each other and their prices, time saving, flexibility at the time of purchase, the ability to compare products with other brands, the not required to physical mobility, Existence of competitive prices, product variety and easiness of purchase.
In fact, the main advantage of online shopping is its convenience and easiness. In this way, online shopping can be a really good alternative to buying in person.

The way we associate with you as a buyer:

With our absolutely free membership in our virtual store, you can choose from the following links the top products of the world that have been reviewed by price and quality experts in your shopping cart.
After entering the exact contact information and postal address, you will enter the payment process. After selecting the bank and confirming the payment from the bank, your order will be successfully registered and you will receive an email containing the purchase confirmation and the invoice for your chosen products.
We will be pleased to contact you at any stage of the process.

Cooperation guide:

Todays, people fully agree with the importance of internet in their business. Some reasons that can be mentioned:
Having so many visitors:
Due to the unlimited time, your online store can be viewed on the Real platform.
Unlimited expanse of Online Stores:
In traditional stores, due to lack of space, it is not possible to keep all products based on variety, size, composition, etc. This issue has been completely solved in the online store, that 
is, due to the lack of space constraints, the seller can choose a basket of his own products to the most diverse possible form with a complete description and expressing the qualitative
and technical advantages in plain language and with the inclusion of prices and beautiful photos exposed by customers.

No time Limit:

Traditional store activities are limited to hours and non-holidays, but online stores do not
have such limitations and are open to all visitors during the year.
Reduce lateral costs and more profitability:
In direct sales of products to customers in the online store, costs such as fees, invest depreciation and other lateral costs are reduced, and thus more profit from the seller.

Internet payment:

Internet payment is a payment by credit cards, a deduction from the buyer's account and a  deposit to the seller's account. 
All of the above steps are done online.

The Real management team, with a lot of experience in the business world, divided cooperation with Real team into two categories.

1.Business owners:

people who are productive or have factory, after contracting with the team, transfer the amount of the product specified in the contract to the approved stores, our experts in the field of quality control and pricing after confirming the products ,put in sales team; Then will upload to Real001.
At the end of each working month, together with the declaration of inventory of products, the calculation department will calculate the amount of profit and deductible share of the Team, will balance with the party contract.

2.People who want to invest:

The technical staff of the firm, with international consultants specializing in international trade, is prepared to provide advice to people who are looking for a reliable investment. After choosing the product and signing the cooperation agreement, the shopping department will buy the products from the best firms and placed in the sales platform. At the end of each month, along with inventory, the calculation department will calculate the amount of profit and deductible share of Team, will balance with the party contract.