Swiss Franc

Gold Bar

Gold is among the materials and precious metals that is considered as a very popular investment object. It comes in various forms, such as gold coins, gold bars, etc. The reason gold is considered to be one of the top choices for investors is that it offers a very high degree of security, flexibility, and of course a very high degree of asset stability combined with return of investment.

You can purchase gold products here on Real 1 and engage in one of the most prominent and popular investment methods. So make the right decision today and invest in gold.

Our gold bars are of the finest purity with highest world standards.

Gold bars of 999 fine. All bars sold are marked with the weight, size and purity of the metal.

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Gold bar - 1 gram

1 g Minted Gold bar

1 g Minted Gold Bar Fine Gold
69.40 CHF
1 kilo gold bar

1 kg Gold bar

1 Kg Gold bar (or 1000 Grams) gold bar contains 999.9 fine gold.
53’598.40 CHF
1 oz bars of gold

1 OZ Minted Gold bar

1 OZ Gold Bar Fine Gold
1’676.95 CHF
Gold bar 10 grams

10 g Minted Gold bar

10 g Gold bar fine gold
545.85 CHF
Gold bars 100 gram

100 g Minted Gold bar

100 g Gold bar fine gold
5’359.85 CHF
Gold bar 2.5 grams

2.5 g Minted Gold bar

2.5 g Gold Bar 24k
134.00 CHF