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Why Are Swiss Watches So Expensive?

Swiss watch

Wristwatches are accessories that are not only practical but also a fantastic tool to complete your style of clothing. Thy can be a symbol of personality and discipline at work for anybody as well. Real One Store

Among the numerous watches, there are luxury brands that produce very glamorous watches with so many features that a lot of trendy ladies and gentlemen are looking for. Swiss watches are well known all over the world. These watches have the finest and the most elegant designs, and by using very practical features, attract so many individuals.

But why are Swiss watches so pricey. This is a topic which has occupied the minds of many.

What Kind of Watches Are Swiss Watches?

Switzerland is one of the leading countries in manufacturing watches, and Swiss watches are widely popular. In the late 19th century, many industrial contracts were signed in Switzerland, resulting in the emergence of watch factories.

Nowadays, Swiss watches that are sold worldwide and have a name for themselves are using the best raw materials, equipment, and have been able to grasp the watch market, also become one of the most popular brands quickly. Until 2017, all watch components had to be produced in Switzerland, but then laws were passed since 2017 that about 50 to 60 % of the raw materials for watches can be manufactured in Switzerland alone, and for other components, it could get assist of other countries.

According to Larry Pettinelli, an activist in the field of fashion and Swiss watches, it is an excellent investment to have a Swiss watch, as it can be used for generations and will always shine like the first day.

The History of Swiss Watches

Swiss watches were first introduced as Clock Makers in the 17th century, which were completely mechanical. Then, in the 18th century, a significant change has happened in the Swiss watch industry for the first time. Various types of Swiss watches with different names, such as Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin and Patek Philippe, were gradually presented in all Switzerland with different features. Therefore, the tradition of making watches became more popular. PR8 Web Directory

Every day, Swiss factories have improved their wristwatches' designs, and added different additional features. In the watch industry, Swiss watches are considered a significant revolution.

In 1960, Swiss watches were first made with batteries called Quartz that worked much faster than mechanical watches and were much cheaper. It was because fewer components were used in their production thus made Swiss Quartz watches popular. In the 1980s, Quartz watches completely replaced mechanical watches, but companies in Switzerland still maintain the production of mechanical watches.

After the emergence of Quartz watches with much faster function, numerous investors from different nations contracted with Swiss companies to promote these watches among the people. And that was the first step for Swiss watches towards becoming a luxury and well-known brand.

What Makes Swiss Watches So Expensive?

There are several different and convincing reasons why the Swiss luxury brand and Swiss watches are so expensive among others.

One of the reasons is the evolution in the watch industry; Swiss companies and factories are one of the oldest and greatest companies and pioneers in the field of watchmaking that always provided the most beautiful and functional watches with the best designs and quality, they also have made a new revolution in the watch industry.

Another reason is the high-quality components; Swiss watches can be considered one of the most outstanding watches as the best and highest quality raw materials are being used in making its components, and many parts are hand made in the majority of Swiss watches, which increases the value of these watches. The longevity of Swiss watches is so high that you can use them for many years if used properly.

High production speed is another reason that makes Swiss watches expensive; Watchmaking is one of the most expensive and time-consuming activities. But Switzerland's watch industry, with using the latest and most modern technology in line with consumer demands, generates high quality and beautiful watches in large quantities in the shortest time.

The last but not least reason is the design; Swiss watches' design is unique and luxurious, and that is why 20 % of the watch's expense is only for the design. The watch must have a striking beauty in addition to its use to make your style more beautiful. Swiss watch designers have always been trying to design the most remarkable and luxurious watches that will shine in your hand.

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