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How to buy gold bars

Gold, this precious and rare metal on earth, comes in many different forms. One of the most financially sound and preferable ways are gold bars. In simple terms, gold bars are made up of gold that has been put into rectangular molds, some bigger, some smaller. So, contrary to popular belief, and the images of gold bars you might have seen in movies, not all gold bars are large and heavy. In fact, given the various demands in the market, 1g gold bar, 2.5g gold bar, and even a 5g gold bar, and so on are also available. Heavy or light, gold bars are precious. But the question is how much are they really worth?

Gold bar worth

The value of gold is no secret to anyone. It has been probably one of the longest running vehicles of value in all markets around the world. of course, they used to be even more scarce than they are today, since mining gold used to be a daunting task. But with advancements of humanity, we are able to mold enough gold into gold bars. When it comes to the functions of gold, gold bars do it best – they allow for much higher amount of value in a more compact size, making transfer of a great deal of monetary potential to anywhere in the world easier. With all the different sizes and weights, it is interesting to note that the 1 oz gold bar (1-ounce) is the most popular weight for a gold bar in the market. Among other popular sizes we can refer to the 10g gold bar and the 20g gold bar.

Gold bars

So, bars of gold are essentially compact vehicles of value. But, it is not only the matter of easy transfer of funds that makes them precious. When the economy gets a bit turbulent, and we all know it does, a 250g gold bar can keep your capital and funds safe from all the harmful external dangers in the market. However, gold bars are not only for when the market goes through the motions. They can benefit you in the passage of time as well. A 100g gold bar would have only increased in value, if it had been bought hundred years ago, fifty years ago, or even a decade ago. The price of gold has appreciated and has more than doubled in the past fifteen years alone. So, only imagine what a 1 kg gold bar can do to your portfolio? Not only will it bring diversity to your assets right now, it will also be another guarantee against deprecation in time.It doesn’t matter how big or small your budget is. Even with a small amount you can buy a 1g of bank gold bar on Real001. So what are you waiting for? Start investing in gold bars now.

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