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Whether you are a novice or serious investor, you definitely know the value of a good investment. Precious metals, and among them gold, should be your top choice when making decisions in this regard. Gold can come in many different forms; such as jewelry or gold coins, or even gold exchange traded funds or ETFs. However, in this article we will show you that in the case of gold, nothing is better than bars of gold for this purpose. Other than the benefits of investing in gold, we will show you that buying gold bar is now easier than ever with Real001. So, if you have ever asked yourself the question, where can I buy gold bar, then read this article to find out exactly where to buy bars of gold and also how to buy bars of gold.


Investment in Gold

Sale of gold bars

Since gold comes in many different forms and types, the most suitable form of gold for investment is known as gold bullion, which has a quality of at least 99.5 percent or 995. In fact, investing in gold with Real001 offers you an even higher purity, since all the gold bars offered by Real001 have a quality of 99.99 percent, otherwise known as a 999.9 purity. So, one of the most important factors that you must keep in mind when you want to invest in gold is the purity of the gold bar you purchase. But let’s see why it is good to invest in gold. The most prominent feature of gold that makes it ideal for investment is the fact that it seemingly always goes against inflation. It may not have a high yield in short term. But you can rest assured that your assets will appreciate in time, no matter what. Now that you know investing in gold is in fact a good idea, it’s time to find out how to invest in gold. With Real001, you have a chance to purchase gold bars in the size you want, depending on your budget. No matter how large or how small. However, perhaps what sets Real001 apart from other platforms is how you can pay for your purchases.


How to Buy Gold with Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?

Buy gold with bitcoin

As mentioned above, aside from a high variety in size and the highest quality of gold bars, Real001 has an added advantage for anyone who is looking to purchase gold. Now, you can actually buy gold for crypto in the fastest and easiest process. You will also have a chance to pick from a variety of cryptocurrencies for your payment to provide you with the best experience of buying gold so you can buy gold for Dash, buy gold with ETH, Gold for bitcoin and others. Making payments with cryptocurrencies have a lot of benefits compared with traditional payment methods, the most important ones being less commission, and quick and easy transfer of funds no matter where you are. Additionally, this is a chance that you should not miss given the volatility of the crypto market, if you want something more stable, you can buy gold bar with crypto and change your assets into something much more unwavering in the face of bearish trends in the market. If you buy gold bars with USDT you can make your payments in the fastest time possible with much lower transfer fees and receive your gold bars in the best condition and packaging.

Gold bars are a great way to invest your money smartly. Now you can buy gold with fiat money using Visa or MasterCard, or with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Counos X and other popular crypto assets.


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