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If you ask any novice or serious investor about what kind of precious metal they can invest in, most likely they refer you to bars. And that is quite understandable, since most forms of long term investment precious metals do in fact come in the form of bullion bars in various sizes. However, another form that all these precious metals, such as gold, silver, palladium, and even platinum, can take are coins. So buying gold coins or even buying silver coins are considered a great way to start investing in precious metals or add to your already existing arsenal. But are there any advantages to buying coins, or rather bullion coins, instead of purchasing bullion bars when it comes to precious metals? In fact, there are some advantages to buying coins instead of bars. The first one and perhaps the most important one is that they actually have an incredibly high variety of designs, something that is not really seen a lot with bars, given that they do not allow for much variation in design imprinted on them. However, there are tons and tons of different designs imprinted on gold and silver coins out there in the market. So much so that some of these coins have turned into collectibles, since their imprinted design is really unique and rare. This has also allowed numerous companies and even countries to enter the race with regard to the design imprinted on the coins. As such there are different coins that belong to different countries. By way of an example, the maple leaf Canadian gold coin is one of the most popular ones. As the name suggests, this particular gold coin carries with it the insignia of the Canadian flag, which is a maple leaf, a truly iconic imagery that has stood the test of time. But of course there are countless others in the market. So now is the time to think about how to buy gold coins and of course where to buy gold coins. As always, Real001 is just the place for you. The reason is that other than bullion bars of precious metals, Real001 is also in the business of selling silver coins and of course the coins of other precious metals such as gold. So take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, because purchasing precious metal coins has never been this easy and accessible. You are only on click away from a smooth and straightforward platform where you can quickly purchase these amazing coins. But there is more to them, and we will discuss more about the advantages of precious metals coins in the following paragraph.

buy silver coins

In the previous paragraph we talked about a big advantage of precious metal coins and it was the high variety of amazing selection that is available to the buyer. But there is another important upside to these coins that should not be forgotten. The fact that they come in such small quantity makes them much more attractive for new comers in the market who do not have a great deal of experience in this domain. Whether you want to test the market before making a big move or whether you do not have a large budget to spend, coins are the perfect choice. And what is more is that unlike what some might think, coins are not limited to only gold or silver, you can even buy palladium coins. That’s right, you can purchase some of the most precious metals on earth, not just in the market, in the form of a small coin, such as palladium or platinum. And even better, with Real001 you can be sure that you are getting a competitive market price with palladium coins for sale. But that is not all; because the price is only one side of the shopping experience coin, if you forgive the pun! The other side of course is accessibility. Can anyone actually purchase these coins so easily? The answer is a resounding yes! That is precisely what has been provided for all users at Real001, a chance to be able to purchase precious metals in various forms wherever they are in the world. This way you can buy gold coin in UK or even buy gold coins in Germany as easy as ever with only a few clicks. So what are you waiting for? Get it right now with Real001 because buying silver coins in Europe has never been this simple. And if you are a picky buyer, then in the market of precious metals nothing is better for you than coins. Because the market does not allow for much variation. And the reason is obvious. The reason is that the market is only for investment and transfer of value, sometimes in utterly titanic amounts. So, if your taste is a bit difficult to please then coins are perfect to please both the picky buyer in you and also the thoughtful investor thinking ahead for financial stability in the heart of financial turmoil. Speaking of taste and design, consider the Britannia silver coins. The iconic and most well-known Britannia coins, that come both in gold and silver, have the image of, as you might have guessed it, the great queen Elizabeth II of course on one side. And on the other side there is yet another iconic image for any coin collector, the British lady holding a shield in one hand and a trident in another. And if you want something a little less serious and a little more on the funny and cute side of things, then the China silver panda coins are the coin to go with, since they have perhaps everyone’s favorite bear on them, the symbol of China, the panda bear. 

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