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The most expensive gold coins in the world

When you think about the history of money and trading what comes to your mind? Picture it right now. The most iconic historic image in anybody’s mind that is tied to economy, money, trading, and even power, are coins. Coins have always been a crucial and determining product of any civilization throughout history. Expensive gold coins have defined dynasties and empires and all the glory of the past and the passage of time. So much so that a considerable proportion of the history of mankind is immortalized in the coins that have remained from those certain periods. In some cases, there is nothing else left but those coins. So, it is no secret to anyone how crucial and essential coins have been and are to man. In this article we want to take a look at some of the most iconic and expensive coins that exit today. The first coin that we want to discuss is the Dinar Hashimi coin. As the name suggests and you might have been able to deduce, the coin belongs to the Arab world. In fact, it dates back to the height of the Islamic reign in the middle east more than a millennium ago. This finely designs and intricately inscribed coin has Arabic calligraphy written all over it, making it especially and uniquely beautiful in the truest sense of the word. This coin can be considered a piece of art in and of itself. For the next coin we want to analyze the Single 9 coin. This one is a bit more recent in history and dates back to the 19th century. It was minted in South Africa as part of the first series of the modern coins being minted in this country. The third coin in our discussion is historically tied with the second one as in both had something to do with the global British empire. The third coin is of course the Coin Elizabeth II 2007. This wonderful coin has the likeness of the Queen Elizabeth II on it, the queen of the British Commonwealth, as such there are variations of the coin that have different countries on them, including Australia and Canada, both having been part of the great British empire at some point in history. My blog

Dinar Hashimi coin, Double eagle coin, Single 9 coin

The next coin is also another historically significant one having been also part of Britain’s history. This one is the Edward III gold coin. This coin is so-to-speak graced with the name of the great king of Britain, kind Edward the III. But on the coin itself you cannot see his image. Instead on one side of the coin there is an image of a British ship in addition to a rather large shield on it. On the other side, there is a cross symbolizing the close tie between the crown and the church. Doubloon Brasher is the next coin on our list of the world’s most expensive coins in existence today that we have prepared a list of them for you. Perhaps it would be linguistically more appropriate and correct to name it a doubloon instead of a coin. This one owes its immense value and worth to its rather long history. It was one of the first coins or doubloons that were minted following the American revolution and eventual independence from British rule in the 18th century. Next up is the double eagle gold coin which also comes from the US. This iconic American coin is actually much higher on the gold content compared to other coins, however it is less valuable. It can be seen how most other expensive coins on this list and of course those that have not been listed owe their value to their historical importance rather than their own valuable content and the elements used in their making. But as it was mentioned, the double eagle gold coin actually has a considerable amount of gold given that it is only a coin after all. The design of the coin is also worth mentioning, since it is one of the more intricately designed coins. On the one side, the coin carries the image of the American eagle in the conventional American insignia with the bald eagle. On the other side, what else would it be but lady liberty herself. That’s right, the coin is inscribed with the image of the statue of liberty, making it as American as any coin gets. Convinced about the value of gold coins? How could you not be? So seize the opportunity right now and buy gold coins on


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