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The Royal Mint

The British Royal Mint is the oldest producer of bullion and coins in this country that is an official part of the British government. This company is under the contract of King George III treasury. The official responsibility of the royal mint is to provide the United Kingdom with the coins that are needed in the economy and by the commonwealth, and thus exerts considerable influence over gold prices in UK. However, in addition the coins and actually various forms of coins that this company produces for UK and also other countries in the world, this company also produces other precious metal products, such as bars of gold. And indeed the coins that are minted in the London mint office go around the world, since all over the world they are recognized as valuable vehicles of monetary units and use them to invest into gold due to the precious metal used in them and also the legitimacy of the official royal mint. My blog

In the past, there were many mint companies operating across the Great Britain in order to mint the collection of coins, some of which still remain to this day in the museum of the British Royal Mint and also in other museums, such as the 5 pound coin and the 2 pound coin; an honorary mention would be the jubilee gold consisting of special coins on special royal anniversaries throughout the British history. Of course around 886 A.D. these companies were all centralized under one banner, which has of course come to be known as what it is today. Articles

Following the integration of the mint companies, the new headquarters of the royal mint had their main office in the Tower of London for centuries. However, after a certain period of time the HQ was moved to another location within the greater London city. It remained there until the 60s. following that decade, the British Royal Mint has been relocated to the country of Wales, which is itself part of Britain of course. Blog

The Royal Mint UK

However, in the recent decade the desire of the British people and indeed people all across the world has decreased heavily toward the use of actual physical money, bills and to a much lesser extent coins. As a result, the pound coins are not being circulated as much they had been for a very long time for the day to day usage of the British people. Because of this the royal mint bullion has started a new movement or project from the year 2018. As a result of this new approach, the royal mint will pivot its attention more toward bullion products, which means more investment grade products. These new line of products that are being produced include silver coins and silver bars as well as jubilee coin. So, as it can be seen, there has been a shift from the daily usage of the people to the more collectible oriented approach toward for the royal mint coins. This means that these UK coins or otherwise known as coins royal mint are specifically designed in order to be suitable and attractive to coins collectors. Nevertheless, even with the new approach of the British Royal Mint toward a more precious metal and bullion oriented products, some things will always remain the same. This entails the extremely valuable coins that remain within the company itself, in fact in its museum. These coins are part of the British and the royal history and thus cannot be sold to collectors, no matter how attractive their offers may be. These precious coins include the mesmerizing gold coin of the king Alfred I and also the very first sovereign coin of the Great Britain.

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