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    Why buy physical gold

    Don’t you just hate it when crypto “bros” keep telling you to buy crypto? As if it wasn’t enough, now there are NFT crazed communities out there all over social media trying to persuade people into their cult of personality. It started with a hype for digital assets and it just kept going from there. So much so, that if you do not have such assets in your portfolio, you might even be ridiculed as a serious investor. But is that a fair assessment. Absolutely not. There is still great value in conventional assets. But we are not talking about all conventional assets. You need to be careful when to choose between them. One asset that has truly stood the test of time through millennia is physical gold. Time and again, gold has proven to be an item in your property list that can be relied on. You need to face it, many of the newly generated digital assets are possibly risk assets, no one can predict the market. Even more conventional market can prove to be risky. For example, consider the stock markets around the world, which have long been considered a great place for investment. But we are all too familiar with crashes of such market periodically. Something that has not been seen with gold.

    Long-term Investment in Physical Gold

    Physical gold

    This saying has never been true that old is gold. It is true that change is a nature of life and you need to be able to keep up with the changes in the world. However, sometimes the beaten path might just be the safest and best one. In this regard, precious metals, especially physical gold can be the stability in volatility that your portfolio crucially needs. There are many different factors that you need to consider in order to evaluate the true value of an asset. One of these factors is the demand in the market. How many people are willing to buy and sell such as asset? Is the market alive and moving? Because the answers to these questions might not be so ideal for the all the assets. Perhaps there is a huge hype in the market for one asset and then all of a sudden it dies down. In that case, what are you going to do with an asset that is not even being bought and sold? The beaten path to protect your investment leads to physical gold and of course other precious metals.

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